Quran Tags

Motto: "Learn Quran by the Quran".

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tag Quranic words & ayahs with relevant tag info.
Intent is to enrich our Quran learning, raise awareness & bring us closer to Allah's book.

Does this describe you, while you are reading Quran?
  * need to lookup & bookmark a verse in tafsir ibn kathir.
  * want to lookup background of a verse's revelation in Mariful Quran.
  * vaguely recall reading a Miracle related to this Ayah, but where?
  * came across new word; want to learn it by its definition, synonyms & antonyms.
  * wondered why different variants for some words. ex: khawf, khashya.
  * came across a verb and wanted to check its conjugation.
  * trying to learn Asma-ul-Husna from the Quran etc.	  
  If any of this describes you, then you will find this app helpful, insha-Allah.

Everyones free to use the data, or contribute data (from authentic sources).

App developers: use the free/open source code to add rich features to your Apps.

Hope this benefits you. Please pray that Allah accepts this effort. ameen.