Quran with Grammar & More! - screenshots

Word-by-word + grammar + translations: - do you find yourself often referring to many websites - for word-by-word meaning, grammar, audio etc? - No more. All in 1 place. - Credit: corpus.quran.com, allahsquran.com, globalquran.com - Try for yourself: 33:57     (backup)
Ayah's tagged with Miracles & Rhetorical features: - In your regular Mushaf reading, did the thought ever occur to you... "this ayah I am reading, i vaguely recollect a miracle linked to it. will checkup later". and that thought & the ayah reference both evaporated later? - No more.. now if you just remember the page number or Sura, you can look up ur reference quickly (see screenshot). - Credit: Linguisticmiracle.com - Try for yourself: 36:40 2:15
Context relevant info + teaching-aid icons: - halal pictures to show Verb's number & person. Credit: understandquran.com - Color coding to indicate Noun, Verb etc. Credit: corpus.quran.com - Verb conjugation help. Sarf-sagheer - past form, present form, verbal noun etc. Credit: understandquran.com, ACON. - Word synonyms, antonyms, definitions. Credit: Mutaradifaatul Quran, Bayyinah dict. - New words: Newly occuring words. Occurences count. Mouseover word to see if it occurs rarely or often. - Try for yourself: 1:4 33:57
Context relevant links on Mouseover: - Ayah links: mouseover Ayah to see links to Tafsir-ibn-kathir, related similar verses, Context for revelation (shaan-e-nuzul). Also miracles, rhetoric devices. - Word links: click Noun form or Root - to see all it's occurences at corpus.quran.com. - Root links: click on Root (AA) link to go to Arabic Almanac (lookup in 3 renowned dictionaries). - Try for yourself: 36:40 2:15
Offline search, by Root, derived Noun etc: - you can search by Root, by derived Noun, by english word-to-word or Arabic. - Offline search. once the Quran data is downloaded, you can disconnect internet and still use the app. - Try for yourself: Steps (each step's screenshot below) - 1) click online, on left side of search box - 2) it now shows offline. ( this is how u can test this feature out, since its still in beta) - 3) once it shows offline, enter this text into searchbox and hit enter: ROOT:Hmd OR LEM:qaAla OR ADJ etc - 4) wait 30 seconds or so. to see the results. Click the ayahs to go to that page. (to get back to main window, click anywhere)
Near-Synonyms: - Allah uses precise word selection out of an array of synonyms used in Quran. Shouldn't we learn about the differences & nuances? - Credit: Mutaradifaat-ul-Quran (urdu book), Ustad Nouman's Handout. - Unable to read/text squished? click Lens icon in tooltip, to expand. click elsewhere, to dismiss. - Try for yourself: 112:1 36:40
Widgets:- simple standalone applications - [root.html] starting from a 2 lettered morpheme, see how the 3rd letter affects meaning. - [antonyms.html] Visualize Opposites typed up from Mutaradifaat book by volunteers. - [yamli.html, goog.html, arabic.html] Quranic Arabic data entry / automatic tashkil, with occurence counts. - [dict.html] Dictionary - [graph.html] see Root to Nouns graphs. - [literarydevices.html] Rhetorical Features used in Quran - [attributes.html] Attributes of Allah (based on book of same name) - [Grammar.html] Grammar - do corpus.quran.com like searches instantly, offline. - [Research.html] Research - search for a word in English/Arabic and see the different word forms used for it. - [Lookup] - [arabic2buckCompare.html] - Maf3uwl MuTlaq (contact for more details) - Lot more... join the discussion!