Quran Words

Motto: "Learn Quran by the Quran".

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tools to help in finding & typing Quranic words & roots. Some applications below.

* fill-in tashkeel for Quranic words automatically
* find variations of a word
* find roots that derive from a two-lettered morpheme
* find valid combinations of 3-lettered roots that occur in Quran etc.

* enter an english word, see what all arabic words convey that concept.
* enter arabic word, see what all meanings it conveys

* see in visual/interactive tree map which all words sprout out 
  of a arabic letter or word form. Try it here.

Lot more work done in this area. Drop us a mail to get the conversation going. :-)

Everyones free to use the data, or contribute data (from authentic sources).

App developers: use the free/open source code to add rich features to your Apps.

Hope this benefits you. Please pray that Allah accepts this effort. ameen.