Ideas, Experiments and cool stuff!

Lab experiment

Experimenting with new ways to teach, learn and research Quran.

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Current Release: v1.1.0

All our apps are simple web apps (pure javascript+html). Runs on PC, mobile, iPad, iPhone, Android... or offline.

Quran with Grammar & More!

See Screenshots.

  • Word-by-word, grammar, translations all in 1 place.
  • Ayah's tagged with Miracles & Rhetorical features.
  • Context relevant info + links + teaching-aid icons.
  • Offline search by Root, Noun. Synonyms/Antonyms.
  • Widgets:- simple standalone applications.

80% done - adding desktop support

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Quran Tags

Motto: "Learn Quran by the Quran.
Quranic words & ayahs tagged with relevant & ever-expanding info. Intent is to enrich our Quran learning, raise awareness & bring us closer to Allah's book.

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60% done - adding more tags

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Quran Words

tools to help in finding & typing Quranic words & roots.

* fill-in tashkeel for automatically * find variations of a word, root. * See interactive map of words & its derivatives. Learn more...


40% done - autocorrect arabic typos

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Quran Synonyms

Tools for Mutaradifaat al Qur' an Translation Project

  • read Synonyms translated so far
  • see all Index words
  • translators see your contributions
  • Reviewers verify your corrections
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Quran Roots

Do analysis of roots.

  • see root letter level meanings
  • search for roots by entering 1, 2 or more letters
  • see root meaning & linkouts for more research
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Tiny but functional apps related to Quran.

  • Grammar - do like searches instantly, offline
  • Research - search for a word in English/Arabic and see the different words
  • Attributes of Allah (based on book of same name)
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